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There’s a great article in the New York Times about drug addiction and solutions in Afghanistan’s police force. An Afghan police force, already facing low numbers, has been affected heavily by a membership whose drug use has rendered them unable to do their jobs effectively. At the last measurement as many as 1.5% of the force was addicted to hard drugs–mostly heroin and opiates. Up to 41% of all recruits test positive for drugs, but this includes hashish and marijuana.

In the face of the low numbers of possible recruits and the high number of drug users, the government is forced to take accountability for these people, rather than turning them down or firing them after they are hired. Enter General Dawood Dawood, the country’s drug enforcer. The General is so proud of his new program, The Hospital for Interior Ministry Addicts, that he invited the press with open arms.

Drug addiction and the troubles of Afghanistan’s security force are areas with little to be happy about these days, but a story like this one shows that solutions can be found and that a positive health environment for Afghanistan’s people is getting closer every day.