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“My internship with Empowerment Health has been one of the most positive influences in my undergraduate experience.  Although working with EH only required a moderate time commitment, I found myself directly involved in the programs and decisions of a startup non-profit in the field of global health. Empowerment Health is incredibly unique in that it couples the thoroughness of an academic approach with the kind of action-oriented practicality that get stuff done in the communities we serve.  I found myself working with a range of professionals based in different countries and got a feel for the type of collaboration that is necessary to influence health outcomes on a broad scale.  Further, the support from the members of EH is unparalleled; the members of the board, although all volunteers, were very active in my own professional development and were a guiding force in my path as a pre-med.”


John Power
Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University (Class of 2012)
EH: Programming and Development Intern (2011-2012)
Currently: Medical Missionaries Global Health Fellow (2012-2013)