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“My internship with EH has been a wonderful learning experience. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a tremendously diverse group of people (in Baltimore as well as in Afghanistan) and learn about the workings of a start-up in global health. Unlike most other internships, not only did EH gave me complete freedom and flexibility to explore areas of global health that do not fall under their umbrella, but also encouraged me to initiate conversations and establish programs that interest me. Even as an intern, I was made to feel as much a part of the team as a Board member. Thank you, EH, for such an incredible internship experience!




Shreya Saraf
Education: Johns Hopkins University (M.S. 2012), University of Cambridge (M.Phil 2010), Pomona College (Class of 2009)
EH: Programming and Development Intern (2011-2012)
Currently: Associate, The Boston Consulting Group