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Potential to Provider and Door to Door: Mother to Mother create local, sustainable solutions to local problems.

Potential to Provider

Restricted personal freedom, few resources and sparse medical services have placed enormous barriers between women and children and the healthcare they need.

Recruitment: With access to other women, female providers can engage culturally sensitive health topics gaining access to essential health information and behaviors. Both providing important health information and collecting the statistics that drive the distribution of resources, these community health workers (CHWs) are an essential bridge between households and hospitals. Working with local community leaders and stakeholders, ideal candidates are identified and recruited:

  • Reside in the community they will serve;
  • Are at least 18 years of age;
  • Successfully completed some basic level of education;
  • Recommended by the residents of their community as a good candidate;
  • Are married (preference, not required).

Training: Participants undergo a rigorous training curriculum led by Dr W composed of best practices in medicine and community health as well as topics tailored to local needs.

Field experience: Following every block of classroom activities, participants engaged in supervised work in the community . Candidates work closely with experienced physicians, nurses, health workers, and community leaders to apply their knowledge to activities like:

  • Identifying pregnant women in the community for prenatal classes
  • Stressing the importance of vaccinations and TB tests
  • Building relationships to facilitate the best care for newborns and new mothers

Graduation: Each candidate who successfully completes the six month program receives a certificate, new equipment for their future career, and recognition from their community.


Door to Door: Mother to Mother

Newly minted CHWs are provided with the support to start their careers and maintain their impact.

Equipped with a wide array of knowledge, CHWs take on a unique role focusing primarily on education and preventive. These health workers visit households recording needs, educating mothers, and organizing hospital referrals when higher level care is needed. With a population of about 1,500, each CHW’s will be responsible for visiting up to 150 families in Murad Khane.

Job match: New graduates are supported by EH and community stakeholders as they begin their careers.

Professional support: A combination of ongoing mentorship and job skills development bridging the gap between job skills and career potential.

Giving back: Graduates support the training of new candidates as teachers, mentors, and even employers.