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Dr. Jerry Umanos and Evan Russell in Kabul, 2011. All rights reserved.

I am shocked and saddened to learn that Dr. Jerry Umanos was killed today during an attack at CURE Hospital. Jerry and I first met in Kabul in 2011. As we were both working on improving healthcare in Afghanistan, we discussed developing a program to improve access to health services for women and children in Kabul. Since then, in addition to his life-saving work with CURE Hospital, he helped make that idea, Empowerment Health, a reality. Jerry and I worked closely for years to develop and implement training programs that provide local Afghan women with basic health education and skills to provide critical health services and best practices in their communities.

Just this morning, he expressed how excited he was that, after years of development with our Afghan partners, we were already on to our second day of training. Our efforts in the community will continue on, and we remain deeply committed to the mission to which he devoted his life, but Jerry’s daily impact on this program, and on so many other people, will be missed forever.

Evan Russell
Co-Founder and Board President
Empowerment Health

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