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Letter from Dr. W, Head Community Health Worker (CHW) Trainer

One of our CHWs by the name of Fatima told me a story from a mother she had seen in one of the health centers. She said, “One day I went to a health center with my elder child. There I saw a woman who was worried about her child. The child had diarrhea. She took the child to the doctor and he didn’t give them any medicines.”

So Fatima said, “I observed the child and looked up the signs and symptoms of dehydration. Finally, I found that the child had watery diarrhea with no sign of dehydration. So I start health education with her mother. I told her that every diarrhea doesn’t need drugs, but such a child needs fluid like breast milk, ORS, pure water and liquid diet. He doesn’t need any drugs. But you have to pay attention if your child gets a fever, blood in her stool or lots of motions increase (three times in one hour) or if he couldn’t drink or eat or if he gets drowsy during that time you should go to doctor to see your child and give him some medicines.”

“The child’s mother asked me, ‘Where did you learn all these things that you know.’ I said I learned all these things from a training that we attend in our own clinic (Ferozkoh Family Health Clinic) located in our living area.”

The mother became happy and went home.

Best Regards,


Empowerment Health CHW Training and Health Outreach Director,

(full name withheld for anonymity)