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In August, a Community Health Worker prevented one of roughly 150 cases of honor killings which occur every year in Afghanistan. The CHW discovered an abdominal tumor in a young girl, which her family mistakenly believed was an indication of pregnancy.

“Under customary practices widely prevalent here, fathers have absolute power over their daughters until they marry, when such power passes to their husbands,” The New York Times reported. “Of 4,505 cases of violence against women last year — which includes issues like ‘denial of relationship,’ or trying to prevent someone from choosing their own husband or wife — less than 10 percent are resolved through legal process, according to the latest report from the Women’s Ministry.”

Our Community Health Workers are mothers from within the community they serve. They deliver essential vaccinations and medications, educate families, and get the critically ill to seek treatment at the hospital. To make a donation to support this program, click here.


Read the report from the CHW here:

One of our neighbors came to get help from me. She was the mother of an 18 year old girl who was unmarried. When I went to their home, she was very pale and very weak.

When I examined her I felt a hard mass in her abdomen. Her family thought that she was pregnant so they decided to kill her. My mind suddenly went to the lectures during the CHW course. Our trainer told us about ANC and also about abdominal masses. I convinced her family to take her to the clinic for further examination. After receiving ultrasound result it was clear there was a tumor in her abdomen, so she was referred to surgery.

After some time, I went to ask about her, by the help of Allah and the Feroz Koh Family Health Clinic, she was healthy and safe and was so happy from my perfect job. She told me, “you saved my life!”

So I am thankful to Allah that at least I saved the life of one woman in our community. Thank you so much for giving us this great opportunity of learning and training”

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