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Empowerment Health mobilizes the best resources, healthcare professionals and knowledge to combat the devastating loss of Afghanistan’s mothers and children. Our highly trained team provides cost-effective care for women and children when and where they need it most.

It all started with a simple request: more accessible healthcare for women, especially pregnant women, and kids

The story sounds familiar but what made the difference was who was telling it. A local community leader in Afghanistan had just lost his wife during pregnancy, an all too common occurrence. What wasn’t common was what happened next: the man mourned, but then he took action.  He approached the local Hospital Director with a challenge: fix this, save more lives. The hospital could do it but they needed help. They needed resources. They couldn’t do it alone. They needed a partner who could provide funding and direction to make vital changes in a world where every cent matters.

We knew we could be the group to provide the necessary resources. We could be the people to transform this from a unique idea into a set of actionable items to save lives.

To do this, we set out to provide our Kabul team with essential resources:

Financial: Funds to train Afghan Community Health Workers that could go door-to-door and mother-to-mother providing essential care where and when mothers need it.

Technical: Tools to better understand the barriers women and children face in accessing health services in Afghanistan.

Logistical: Connections to partners in Kabul and beyond that could enable and improve healthcare delivery on the ground.

Research: Best-practices from academic literature and  the kind of analysis of local health data usually only available to private sector, developed world healthcare providers.

Working with these four tenets, Empowerment Health has grown from two medical students to an international team of nurses and doctors, lawyers and researchers, friends and family who are all dedicated to improving health for women and children in Afghanistan.

Empowerment Health is a 100% volunteer organization, which offers us a unique ability: every dollar, every hour, and every product given to Empowerment Health goes, without exception, directly to our programs on the ground in Kabul. We are a non-profit dedicated to constant improvement which we seek through volunteer-professionals that advise our Board on everything from website design to public relations to development and driven by the premise that the dollars we receive travel directly to those who need them.

At Empowerment Health, each one of us takes pride in dedicating our time, resources, talent and passion to making a large and lasting impact on maternal and child health in Afghanistan. Like the community leader in Afghanistan, like the Hospital Director in his community, and like each person who faces these challenges, we can’t do it alone, but with your help we can save lives.