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Any amount helps support mothers and children in Murad Khane.

Our health workers visit households recording needs, educating mothers, and organizing hospital referrals when higher level care is needed. With a population of about 1,500, each CHW will be responsible for visiting up to 150 families in Murad Khane.

Murad Khane is a highly populated central district of Kabul adjacent to the Kabul River. It encompasses both residences and commercial areas including a large market. Several notable mosques are located in this primarily Hazara neighborhood including one of the city’s main Shia mosques. Originally covered in trash, recent excavation and renovation by the Turquoise Mountain Foundation have restored some of the houses and open space for businesses, a computer training facility, and medical center [Kvinta, 2011 #1254].

Empowerment Health’s CHW program has significant room for growth. There is a population increase of 40 to 60 thousand within 2 km of the Murad Khane clinic, which will allow future CHWs to reach at-risk communities without being forced to leave their own in Murad Khane. Empowerment Health hopes to incorporate health education programs in local mosques and schools, to directly reach other members of the community. With experience and research, the CHW program will be adjusted and tailored to the most receptive communities.