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Dear Empowerment Health Family,

At the end of 2018, Empowerment Health turned over all of its programs and funding to our
community partners and closed.

Since our founding, Empowerment Health has been focused on empowering Afghan
communities to achieve increased access to health care and improved health outcomes for
women and children. This step, the result of years of conversations with our community
and partners, represents our commitment to that mission.

Looking back on ten years, there are a few things we really did right. First, we put
community at the forefront. We started with a community need, listened to our partners,
and moved when they were ready. Second, our fiscal foresight provided uninterrupted
support from day 1. The tens of thousands of hours and dollars that you, our supporters,
our interns, our consultants, and our Board members donated are saving lives. Finally, we
invested in Afghan women. From our Executive Director, to our field Supervisor to our
Community Health workers, Afghan women make up our most important and our only
paid positions.

This transition is the culmination of those best qualities. In brief, our Community Health
Workers and our Executive Director Dr. Hamida will continue working with the balance
of our assets: approximately 2 years of funding.

Turquoise Mountain Foundation, a long-time community partner and founder of our partner clinic, will administer program funding while Dr. Hamida, community partners, and other stakeholders continue transitioning our Community Health Workers toward independent, sustainable practice. Finally, Empowerment Health dissolved at the end of 2018.

I have been with Empowerment Health since the beginning. This decision feels heavy not
only due to a feeling of loss, but also due to a vague sense of uncertainty. I don’t know
where this program will be in a month, a year, or a decade. Conversely, I know how
much good our Community Health Workers can do without constraints.

Ultimately, this future was never ours to set; we’ve simply supported brave women
carrying out life-saving work under extraordinary circumstances. These women, firmly in
charge of their work, their community, and their future, is not just our mission, it is also
the fabric of just and lasting change.

It has been my honor to learn, work, discover, celebrate, grieve, and dream alongside
each of you. What you’ve built in Empowerment Health is an audacious testament to our
shared humanity.

With love and gratitude,